A Rise in Scam Calls

There has been an alarming rise in anonymous scam calls around the nation. This is due to many new services like VOIP and low cost burner phone availability which enables scammers to call numbers with impunity. The scammer’s tactics have improved with more deceptive scams and improved target acquisition. If you or a loved one are being plagued by scam calls, your best option is to use a phone blocking application on your smartphone. If you do not have a smartphone, you will need to consult your service provider for advice on how to deal with scam callers. If you wish to collect the scam caller’s information for legal purposes, perform a Reverse Phone Lookup from Nonpub.com. There are many options for fighting scammers, but only you can take action against them.

Why do Scam Calls always come through to my home and cell phone?

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act 47 U.S.C. § 227 and other telephone laws have given telephone providers strict rules forcing them to connect any call for reasons pertaining to emergency services and national security. Scammers only need to obtain your number once in order to establish a constant stream of scam calls because of these laws. However, the best defense is usually the most obvious. If you block the calls from known scammers, and simply ignore the calls of unknown callers, then you will have peace of mind knowing that scammers are being held at bay.

Are there effective ways to stop Scam Calls from happening?

Combating scam calls has been left in your hands because the rate in which the scammers adapt is quicker than laws can be implemented to stop them. If you own a smartphone, your best bet is to download a trustworthy app that can block calls like – Mr. Number Block, Truecaller, Call Control, and others. If you use a home phone, ask your service provider for advice on blocking spam calls.

What can Nonpub.com do about Scam Calls?

If you are dealing with a constant stream of harassment that seems to bypass all of your blocking attempts, Nonpub.com can help you with a Reverse Phone Lookup and Nonpub can break non-published and unknown numbers. We can help you identify the true source of the harassment and scam calls. Don’t sit idle while someone attempts to scam you or your loved ones. Find out who is attempting to scam you with a Reverse Phone Lookup from Nonpub.com.

Scam calls may seem like a harmless thing to deal with for your average person, but you won’t think they are so harmless when the scammers prey on your vulnerable loved ones. The nature of scam calling is to find vulnerable people to take advantage of and extort money, information, or other things from. Do not let your family or loved ones become victim to scam calls. Stop them before they can gain any traction with call blocking applications. If the caller persists through call blocking attempts, look to obtain legal records of harassment and document the entirety of each call. Then, use a Reverse Phone Lookup from Nonpub.com to get the true information of the people behind the scam calls and go to the authorities. Be proactive when it comes to scam callers.

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