The Advantages of Finding a Person versus Police Search

Calling the police is a normal reaction to finding someone who is missing. But, what do you do when the person is not necessarily a missing person and you want to find them? Conversely, what if you want to find a missing person and the Police Search is taking too long? Both of these questions can be answered by Investigatory Services at, including Nationwide People Search, Reverse Phone Lookups, and others. Simply look at the available services we offer through our products menu and use them risk free. If we can’t find any information for your search, there will be no charge!

Why can’t I just use the Police to Find a Missing Person?

You can, but the police are often busy doing other things. Missing persons are not the highest priority for officers, but they will run anyone they consider to be suspicious through the missing persons database maintained by law enforcement. This net is aimed to catch anyone going through the legal system that might be lost, but it is not effective for finding people who are not lost in the legal system. If you want to find someone who is not lost within the legal system, the best option is to use a Nationwide Person Search from Our Nationwide Person Search will be able to locate the active address and home/cell phone number of any person.

How long does it take for a Nationwide Person Search?

It depends on the person, but generally, results can be returned from 1-5 days. Each case is different and we will notify you of any issues regarding finding a person through our Nationwide Person Search. If for any reason we can not find the person or any information regarding that person, there will be no charge. This is our guarantee to our clients because we believe that 100% accurate information is worth every penny, if there is no information there should be no charge.

What do I do if the Police Search turns up nothing?

Use alternate means to perform your own search. Hire a private investigator, use a Nationwide Person Search from, or contact a wide searching social network. All of these options will provide assistance in finding a missing person without relying on the police or law enforcement.

Whether you are looking for a missing person, or you are searching for someone that you just have no idea where to find, use a Nationwide People Search from to find them. Our exclusive services and Nationwide People Search will accurately locate any missing person. If we do not find any information, there will be no charge. Use our services risk free.

100% Accuracy Guarantee on All Investigative Searches!


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