Burner Phone Uses

Burner Phones are not just for criminals and terrorists. These phones are tools that can be used by businessmen, politicians, and citizens to securely and anonymously communicate. Consider a businessman who runs a sole proprietorship and is the only employee. He wants to have multiple phones for multiple departments of his business, but he doesn’t want to have one phone number with multiple department extensions. Instead, he could purchase Burner Phones to take the place of multiple departments of communication that don’t receive as much attention as a main line. The reality is that Burner Phones have valid, legal reasons of use because they are a tool just like a hammer.

What are uses for Burner Phones?

People instantly think of criminal uses when Burner Phone is mentioned because it was popularized by criminals on television. There are other uses for Burner Phones, including – business, personal, law enforcement, political, overseas, accounting, and anonymity. All of these reasons are perfectly legal to use a Burner Phone because there are positive benefits without breaking any laws.

Are all uses for Burner Phones criminal in nature?

Not at all. For example, an online salesman who does business on Craigslist and doesn’t have a storefront would want to use a Burner Phone when contacting random individuals from the Internet. By using a Burner Phone, this person alleviates themselves from paying for a business phone, a business address, and they can change numbers at any point in time to avoid harassment.

Why are Burner Phones legal?

Burner Phones are legal because there are legitimate reasons to own and use them. Anonymity can be used to hurt people, but it can also be used to protect people. It is that simple. Burner Phones and Burner Numbers are tools. Would you make hammers illegal? That is the argument that Congress has to tackle. More than likely, they will decide in favor of sales restrictions and registration laws, but it is impossible to be sure what laws will emerge.

There are new and evolving uses for Burner Phones constantly being found and researched. Businesses take advantage of the low cost, multiple number, and secure communication provided by Burner Phones. Citizens utilize Burner Phones for personal privacy and to have multiple, low cost lines of communication. Politicians use Burner Phones for a variety of reasons, some less savory than others, but legal nonetheless. When it comes to outlawing Burner Phones, it is not a black and white issue.

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