Burner Phones Rampant Criminal Use

Criminals and terrorists use Burner Phones because they are an efficient tool to communicate securely and anonymously. The sheer amount of criminals using Burner Phones is astounding and Congress has taken notice. Unfortunately, Burner Phones and Burner Phone technology is the innocent victim in the matter because the technology is just a tool for secure, anonymous communication. Criminals and terrorists have figured out that Burner Phone communication can’t be traced like a normal cell phone. This anonymity gives criminals and terrorists an advantage against law enforcement. Companies like Nonpub.com work hard to trace Burner Phone user information, but even the professionals have difficulty tracking down accurate personal information.

Do criminals really use Burner Phones like the movies?

Unfortunately, yes. Criminals use Burner Phones because they are effective tools of anonymity. They allow users to communicate without worrying about law enforcement being able to accurately track the user. This type of technology is ripe for all levels of criminal activity to take advantage. It is amazing how far and widely available Burner Phone technology has become.

How do criminals use Burner Phones?

Criminals use Burner Phones to communicate anonymously between each other. They will use the phones to set up drop off points, targets for assault, and other nefarious duties all through the phone because it is secured against law enforcement. By the time law enforcement has any information to use, the phones in use are long since destroyed and criminals are onto a new one. Personal information lost by criminals using Burner Phones is such a serious issue that Congress has taken up the battle to combat the technology.

Why doesn’t law enforcement just outlaw Burner Phones?

Burner Phones have more uses than criminal. There are legitimate reasons to use a Burner Phone, but they are overshadowed by the nefarious reasons. Congress and law enforcement are aware of the Burner Phone problem. There has been legislation proposed to stop criminal Burner Phone use through personal identification requirements. The proposal is that merchants will require valid, state issued I.D. in order to purchase a Burner Phone. This enables law enforcement the ability to tie personal information to a specific phone.

Criminals and terrorists will continue to use Burner Phones while they remain a low cost, effective, secure, and anonymous form of communication. The problem is that if Congress moves to outlaw Burner Phones, or defeat their purpose through personal information collection, criminals and terrorists will revert to an alternate form of anonymous communication. Shutting down one form of communication will just open up a new form, like a revolving door, and that is why agencies like the NSA, CIA, and FBI are pushing for ever stretching investigatory powers.

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