Differences Between Business Credit Checks and Regular Credit Checks

Doing long term business with another business is an intimidating process. Often times, businesses resort to using private investigators and companies that specialize in background checking. But for your everyday Joe, it is not possible to do this due diligence for every business. You are limited by your available resources, and unfortunately business credit checking information is not the same as personal credit checking information. Obtaining accurate business information can be a murky market. Resources like Equifax, Experian, and D&B have great track records with personal credit check reporting, but not business credit check reporting. This is because these companies have a vested interest in listing as many businesses as possible. They are also interested in highlighting the good of a company rather than focusing on the possible problems.

What is the difference between a Business Credit Check and Regular Credit Check?

The main difference between the two is that business credit checking is ran by private companies that have no vested interest to fully investigate and audit the businesses that apply to have a credit rating. The information just needs to be public and available through the company’s specific outlets. This can lead to bloated financial information for the sake of seeming appealing to investors. Although this causes some issues regarding specific companies, it does not go to say that these resources are completely untrustworthy. This is why the business credit checking market is considered murky.

Are Business Credit Checks trustworthy?

It is difficult to say if all business credit checks are trustworthy. As mentioned above, many of the companies associated with reporting financial data have a vested interest in not investigating companies thoroughly. This leads to a conflict in reporting accurate information, but it does not mean that all the information is misleading.

Who would I contact to perform a Business Credit Check?

These are a few examples of the more trustworthy resources for business credit checks available. Nonpub.com does not endorse any of the aforementioned companies and is simply listing them for references.

When you are trying to run a background check on a business entity, make sure to be aware of where you are getting your information. If the information is coming from a private company whose incentive is to list businesses in a favorable light, it would be wise to do your own due diligence and search multiple databases. If the information continually shows up to be strange, then your best bet would be to hire a private investigator or company that specializes in investigating businesses. Not all business credit checking services are the same.

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