Differences in Criminal Background Check Investigations

If you have ever had to run a criminal background check on someone then you know that the information is not always as easy to find as you think. First, there are different types of criminal background checks available at the state level and national level. These are further divided into counties of residence which can further dilute the search results. What this all means is that here is no single database that has all the information you might need on someone’s background. The best way to perform a thorough background check is to hire a private investigator or specialized company for performing extensive background checks.

What is the best way to perform a criminal background check investigation?

This all depends on how thorough of a background check you are interested in doing. If you have a long term relationship with this person, or if you have a short term relationship, your search may differ. Businesses prefer to hire companies, like Nonpub.com, that specialize in accurate criminal background checks. This allows the business to save time and money due to the amount of background checks they need to perform. Law enforcement, police, debt collectors, and other government agencies that need to perform bulk background checks can benefit from using a company to run their background checks. If you are planning to run only 1 or 2 background checks, there are options available that might be more helpful than just a background check(genealogy, paternal/maternal, etc.). It might be worth your money to get a larger picture than just a simple background check.

Are there companies that are better than others at criminal background checks?

Yes. Specialized companies, private investigators, and people within the industry are always more successful at finding accurate, thorough background checks. It will cost money, and sometimes more than others. But this is the price you have to pay to have a criminal background check ran. Companies like Nonpub.com work with companies that offer bulk discounts for background checks.

What about these online resources that say they offer criminal background checks?

A background check can be one of the most important aspects of many high level clearance jobs. Whether it be law enforcement, police officers, or government personnel, a thorough and accurate background check has to occur for the person in question be considered. Many popup online only background check services are drive by night operations. They have no real address, and no real people to talk to when you call them. This is because they can get away with offering shotty service because of the need for background checks. Make sure to do your due diligence when choosing a company to run your third party background checks.

If the stakes are high, make sure you are getting your criminal background checks done by a company worth their weight and reputation. Not picking up on vital criminal information before taking on a hire, or investigating the past of a potential business partner could lead to severe consequences. Avoid these possible chances and get your criminal background checks done by a trustworthy company. Nonpub.com has the ability to help. Contact them for further information.

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