Drones and Privacy

Drones are quickly populating skies around the world. They are cheap, efficient flying devices that are the definition of privacy invasion. The fear of drones invading someone’s privacy used to be Hollywood myth, but now this myth is reality. Add to the fear, legislature regarding drone flight and operation is slow to catch up because drones are a new technology. Luckily, the agency that takes authority over the sky, FAA, has produced general drone guidelines to follow while legislature catches up. As technology plows forward, your privacy is constantly under attack. Start keeping an eye on the sky because you never know if a drone is invading your privacy.

What do Drones have to do with Privacy?

Drones and privacy go together because drones have the ability to travel into people’s backyards, over property fences, and invade air space with ease. This gives property owners something to think about when they see drone activity around their property. The FAA has rushed and placed general drone guidelines in place to stop drones from spying on you, but drones are such a new technology, people are not following the rules. The best thing to do if you witness any illegal drone activity is to take photographic evidence of the drone and operator, and then send the evidence to the proper authorities.

Can a Drone fly into my backyard?

Absolutely. Legally, they are not allowed to fly onto your property, but it is quite easy for a drone operator to fly their drone over your property and invade your privacy. Your best bet is to keep an eye on the sky, and if you spot any drone operating in the area, take photographic evidence of the drone and operator(if possible) and forward it to the proper authorities. If it is possible to identify the operator, attempt to determine if they are a hobbyist, commercial operator, or nefarious character.

Should I be on the lookout for Drones?

The good thing about hobby drones is that they are extremely loud. You will be able to hear a drone when it is within range of your property. If you notice an increased amount of drone activity around your property, attempt to contact the drone operator if it becomes a nuisance. Drones may appear to be toys, but they are dangerous rotary machines that can cause harm. The majority of drone operators are hobbyists and do not intend to cause any trouble. Never attempt to approach a nefarious character or someone that is acting strangely. Take photographic evidence and forward it to the proper authorities.

Drones are similar to other forms of technology in that they can be used for good and evil purposes. Drone’s dual edged sword cuts a fine line between surveillance and photography. This is why the FAA was quick to churn out their general drone guidelines in an attempt to curb privacy complaints before they occur. Understanding the laws surrounding Drones will help put any fears to rest.

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