How Easy is it to Setup a Burner Phone?

Setting up a Burner Phone is as easy as going to Walmart or Target with a handful of cash or prepaid credit card. There are other stores that sell Burner Phones, but the point is that it is incredibly easy to purchase and set up a Burner Phone. The initial setup is one of the most important parts because it requires persistence to ignore the request for personal information. Carriers will be persistent in asking for registration information, however, the registration information is not necessary for many phones. This leads to a large amount of headsets being used as regular cell phones instead of Burner Phones. If there was personal information gathered before activating the phone, it is not a Burner Phone.

What information is needed to set up a Burner Phone?

In most cases, no personal information is needed to set up a Burner Phone. This gives way for untold numbers of anonymous callers because there is no information at the end of a phone trace.
Congress and authority figures are looking at the issue of Burner Phones with scrutiny. The ability to become anonymous on the telecommunication grid is as easy as buying a phone at Walmart, and that worries law enforcement.

Are Burner Phones difficult to use?

Burner Phones are no different than a regular cell phone. The only difference between a Burner Phone and a cell phone is that a Burner Phone has no personal information associated with it, enabling the caller to perform anonymous calls with ease. If the Burner Phone begins to be investigated, the user can simply destroy the phone and purchase a new one. Thus the name “Burner” phone, because once burned by law enforcement, the phone can just be tossed.

Is there special technology behind Burner Phones?

No. The only thing special about Burner Phones is that there is no personal information linking the phone user to the phone number. This creates a whole batch of problems for authorities attempting to investigate criminal cases because they waste their time chasing phone numbers with no personal information. Burner Phones are a difficult tool for law enforcement to crack.

Ease of purchase, ease of setup, and ease of use are all reasons why Burner Phone use is exploding across all industries. Criminals and terrorists are highlighted as being the nefarious users of Burner Phones, but everyday citizens and businesses are taking advantage of Burner Phones. Being able to setup a secure, anonymous, and risk-free line of communication has never been easier. Uses continue to evolve and companies like will be on top of any emerging news regarding Burner Phones.

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