FBI and NSA’s Wide Sweeping Investigatory Powers

Privacy, Internet Privacy, and Telecommunications Privacy are at the top of politicians debate list this election year. This means that the FBI, NSA, DHS, CIA, and any other three letter agency is coming under scrutiny for their investigatory tools. Whether this has any effect is up for debate, but the issue is ongoing about the wide sweeping investigatory powers of the Federal Government’s Agencies. Understanding the tools Federal Law Enforcement agencies use is crucial for determining how much investigatory power these agencies actually possess. Once the general public is aware of the power, then they will be able to advise their elected officials to propose changes accordingly.

How much power does the FBI and NSA have in regards to Telephone Records?

The FBI, NSA, CIA, DHS, and Law Enforcement has absolute access to Telephone Records regarding Terrorism and National Security. Law Enforcement can not use National Security as an excuse to illegally obtain Telephone Records. However, Telephone Records are not as secure as they once were because of modern technology and advances in Privacy Legislature. Obtaining the information within these Telephone Records is where the three letter agencies override your average Telephone Records sweep. We have yet to see how effective these widespread powers are in regards to fighting terrorism.

Does the FBI and NSA run Reverse Phone Lookups?

Absolutely. The FBI, NSA, CIA, DHS, and Law Enforcement need to run Reverse Phone Lookups to keep up with criminals investigations. Running Bulk Reverse Phone Lookups is part of the job, and often times they turn to 3rd party services like Nonpub.com to perform the majority of their Reverse Phone Lookups. Running a Reverse Phone Lookup through Nonpub.com saves on Government resources, delivers results faster than alternate tools, and is affordable. If you need a bulk discount on Reverse Phone Lookups, look no further than Nonpub.com.

With so many tools at their disposal, why Reverse Phone Lookups?

Reverse Phone Lookups are useful. They can be used to help investigations, bail bondsman, relatives looking for family, friends looking for old friends, and all sorts of uses that get invented as time goes on. The reason Law Enforcement uses Reverse Phone Lookups is because they are accurate. Using Government resources can be a headache. After turning in form after form thinking results are only a few moments away, only to have it kicked back because of a technical error can put stress into unnecessary situations.

The Federal Government does have powerful investigatory powers, but they still need help from Reverse Telephone Lookup Service Providers like Nonpub.com. Nonpub.com offers speedy, accurate, and guaranteed results at a competitive rate compared to Government Based Resources. If you need to run bulk Reverse Telephone Lookups, contact the friendly sales people at Nonpub.com to discuss your needs.

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