Forget GPS, Here Comes the Phone Probes

GPS location has been the talk of the town for ages. Ever since the military released its use into public domain, GPS has been the goto search for finding someone’s exact location if they are actively feeding their signal to the satellite system. However, GPS falls short if the device in question is a phone and only releases its GPS location when switching tower’s, performing certain operations, or is pinged by an administrator. This leaves investigators between a rock and a hard place because every foot matters in certain circumstances. Being able to locate the exact location of a subject within 1000 feet, in real-time, is something GPS location simply can’t accomplish. Technology will continue to advance, and investigatory means to locate a suspect will only get more accurate. GPS had its time as the go-to solution, but that time has passed.

What is the difference between GPS and Phone Probes?

The difference between GPS and Phone Probes are that a Phone Probe is much more accurate and the information is received in real-time. With a GPS search, you are simply pinging a tower for the most recent information from a phone. If the target is using a burner phone, more than likely, they will turn it off when not in use. This leaves the last GPS location absolutely useless. A Phone Probe from Nonpub works when the phone is on and moving. When the phone responds to the probe, the information is instantly divulged and passed on to only you. The assailant will have no idea his position was just pinged.

Why would I use a Phone Probe over a GPS search?

A Phone Probe’s accuracy and real time information is far superior compared to a GPS search. The problem with cell phone towers and relating GPS information is that it is triangulated between different times and certain circumstances may lead GPS information to be extremely inaccurate. If for instance, you are dealing with a phone located in the woods away from any city of cellphone tower, the GPS information returned could be miles away from where the phone is actually located. In addition, faulty information can appear at a higher frequency from a GPS search.

How long does it take for a Phone Probe to return information?

Information from a Phone Probe is returned in real-time. This means that the accuracy is increased due to our ping technique. No other company is currently offering the Phone Probe service and that is why it is not available to the general public. The service is THAT accurate and dangerous in the wrong hands. That is why it is absolutely necessary that you have the correct credentials and proof of identity to proceed with our Phone Probes.

When you absolutely need to find the exact location of someone, do not rely on GPS tracking from a cell phone provider. Use a Phone Probe from Nonpub to find the exact(within 1000 yards) location of an individual. The evolution of investigatory methods has yielded a fantastic tool to use for law enforcement and qualified officials. Give our Phone Probe a try today. You will be glad you did and will refer the service to everyone at work.

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