How Private Information is Used to Harass and Violate Your Privacy

Marketing companies are out of control. It seems that no matter the regulations, some scrupulous marketers will continue to harass and solicit your attention. There are options to lower the frequency of unsolicited communications. The first thing you have to do is take control of how they get your information. This is much harder than most think. You have to actively think of all the ways in which people can get your contact information.

How do they get my information in the first place?

There are lots of locations and ways where your information can become public for solicitors to get a hold of and use to contact you. Obituaries, marriage and birth records, analyzing census data, opt-in mailing lists, court documents and judicial proceedings, and the list goes on. The reality is that you have to take control of your private information. Make sure to limit the amount of forms you fill out to trustworthy sources that clearly explain they are not selling your information to third parties. If you are filling out a form for a company you have never heard of before, the chances are high that they will use your information in ways that you would not want them to.

Are there ways to stop them completely from violating my privacy?

You do have rights against harassing phone calls, emails, and other forms of spam marketing. If it is a caller, you can tell them to put you on the do not call list and never to call you again through any of their other channels. If calls continue, you can file complaints with the FCC and your wireless cell phone carrier. If you receive spam emails, there are links at the bottom of these emails for opting out of their marketing spam. You will have to click through these links in order to opt out of their spam lists. This can take weeks, but it is a solution to stop much of the spam. If you are receiving flyers on your door, you can call the business and ask them kindly to stop putting flyers on your door and give them your address. This will put it on record that you have asked them to stop delivering flyers to a specific address, and if they continue, you can bring your complaint to the FCC against the business.

Can anyone stop the spam?

Agencies like the FCC are not equipped to properly block all the spam from unwanted marketers. Often times you have to take it into your own hands to stop them completely. Using resources, like 1-888-567-8688, can give you an advantage to stopping unwanted calls. 1-888-567-8688 is a national number that is available 24/7 that will take you off all credit agencies call lists. Using this service will block all those “you have been pre-approved” type phone calls from happening.

Although there are ways to stop the majority of spam calls, it is almost impossible to stop them all. The best method is to take mind to where you are putting your personal information and what forms you might be filling out. If you start receiving unwanted calls and spam emails, double check to see if you can opt out of them on the spot. This will save you a hassle down the road when trying to stop the spam. Companies like can help you identify blocked and nonpublished numbers to persue complaints. Get in touch with if you are still having problems managing your spam emails and phone calls.

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