Importance of a VIN Number

The interesting thing about automobiles and other road worthy vehicles is that they are trackable. The reason they are trackable is because of their VIN numbers. This nifty little number allows agencies like the DMV, insurance companies, and other interested parties to track a car’s sales record and other information. If you have a VIN number, you can look up information regarding that particular vehicle through many of the online databases available. Some of them cost money, and some are free. suggests using because it is free and you have nothing to lose by starting your search here.

What is a VIN Number and where can I find it?

A VIN number is a required number to identify any vehicle. It has become a global standard to include a VIN number on some part of the vehicle during production. Many people are unaware that the VIN number appears in multiple locations on a vehicle. A VIN number can be located in any of the following locations:

  • Dashboard near the windshield
  • Engine block
  • Car’s firewall
  • Door/frame
  • Left-hand inner wheel arch
  • Steering Wheel
  • Radiator support bracket
  • Car’s title, registration, and auto insurance policy

Does every vehicle have a VIN Number?

Every modern vehicle has a VIN number and they can be identified by their main characteristics. They are all 17 characters long and have three separate parts; World Manufacturer Identifier(WMI), Vehicle Descriptor Section(VDS), Vehicle Identifier Section(VIS). Each one of these sections is a set of numbers that describes specific details about the car to consumers, mechanics, and other manufacturers. The WMI is represented by the first three digits, the VDS is identified by the 4th and 9th digits, and the VIS is identified by the 10th and 17th digits. When viewing a VIN number, you can use these numbers to look up where and who manufactured an automobile.

Is there way to check if a VIN is valid?

The 9th digit in any VIN is the check digit. This means that you can check this digit to tell if a VIN is fraudulent or incorrect immediately. If you go to, you can safely check a VIN number for free. suggests checking VIN numbers on vehicles if you are planning on doing any sort of vehicle tracking or information gathering. When buying and selling used cars online it is best to check VIN numbers before wasting time on fraudulent sellers. You can check VIN numbers to verify suspects vehicles. There are many uses for identifying the VIN number and information of a vehicle. Thanks to the Internet, checking VIN numbers is easier than ever. Instead of dealing with the DMV, just use the above website to get the information you are looking for immediately.

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