Laws, Privacy, and Burner Phones

The forefathers of the United States of America were huge proponents of privacy and felt that any invasion of privacy was an assault on freedom. They would be in full support of Burner Phones and their use today. Unfortunately, the law makers of today disagree with the idea that an invasion of privacy is an assault on freedom because there are terrorists to catch. This has led the United States into some interesting political waters, including the current Presidential Election of 2016. The nature of a Burner Phone relies on 100% privacy when it comes to personal information. If laws are passed requiring recording of personal information with Burner Phone purchases, these laws will defeat the very nature in which Burner Phones exist. The stakes are high because Burner Phones and Burner Numbers are a technology already widely used.

What laws are there regarding Burner Phones?

Currently, there are no specific laws regarding Burner Phones. They are treated under the same laws as any other cell phone and the only difference is that no private information is gathered when registering a Burner Phone. The lack of personal information tied to the phone is the main concern of lawmakers.

What do Burner Phones have to do with Privacy?

Burner Phones bring up an interesting political debate similar to the original court case that brought about Common Carriers and laws regarding them. Because there is no private information gathered when a Burner Phone is activated and used, a state of anonymity can be gained by the user, ensuring privacy. Politicians, criminals, and businessmen use Burner Phones to achieve privacy from Law Enforcement and prying eyes/ears.

Why are Burner Phones such a hot topic?

Burner Phones are a talking point for political discussion because they are tools used by terrorists and criminals. Burner Phones are also used by legitimate citizens and business owners for completely legal functions. This brings up the debate of whether they should be outlawed, regulated, or kept in the current free market situation.

People have died fighting for Privacy Rights in the United States. There is little sentiment towards past accomplishments when immediate threats are paraded around as distractions for nefarious lawmakers to make their moves. Only time will tell how far the right to Privacy is lost, but Burner Phones will exist as long as possible to create secure, anonymous lines of communication for whoever might be inclined to use them. It is obvious law enforcement is at their breaking point when dealing with Burner Phones.

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