Legal Requirements of Burner Phones

If you are 18 years or older, you can legally go to the store and purchase a Burner Phone with no personal information required. That is all that is legally required to purchase a Burner Phone. Congress is debating changing these requirements due to phones ending up in criminals and terrorists hands. The problem with changing the legal requirements of Burner Phones is that if any personal information is recorded during the purchase of the Burner Phone, it defeats the purpose of the phone immediately and turns it into a regular cell phone. The experts at will keep a close eye on the legal requirements for Burner Phones as they change.

What information is legally required to buy a Burner Phone?

At the moment, there is no information legally required to buy a Burner Phone. Anyone over the age of 18 may purchase a Burner Phone with cash or a prepaid credit card. Since there is no private information linked to the Burner Phone itself, as long as there is no private information discussed over the conversations, the conversation will be 100% anonymous. Burner Phones have a high success rate if used properly.

Do Burner Phones have any legal requirements for purchase?

The only legal requirement to purchase a Burner Phone is that the person is above the age of 18. In some states, this requirement is not as stringent and users under the age of 18 can access Burner Phones from stores like Walmart or Target. The ease of purchase is one of the versatile uses of Burner Phones because someone can travel across the country, walk into a store, and buy a brand new Burner Phone. In a way, all past conversations on their old phone are now lost forever.

What type of laws are being considered regarding Burner Phones?

Congress is considering laws to force store owners to require Burner Phone purchasers to provide valid personal identification when purchasing Burner Phones. This would enable a paper trail of personal information back to the phone’s user, thus defeating the purpose of a Burner Phone. It is a tricky situation and there are pro’s and con’s on both sides of the debate. As long as technology is available, people will use it.

Congress is aware that Burner Phones have little to no legal hurdles with purchasing and providing personal information. This has been driving law enforcement crazy because Burner Phones have been an efficient tool in thwarting their investigations. Tracking the user of a Burner Phone is almost impossible for law enforcement. Companies like are the only successful means to track the user of a Burner Phone. If Congress gets their way, Burner Phones will stop existing in their current form and retract back to the black market through illegal sim cards and illegal hardware production.

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