National Life Insurance Database

Life insurance policies are private affairs. Most people would rather not broadcast if they have a policy or not. This makes having a national database for all life insurance policies unattainable. This leaves life insurance information in a fragmented state. If you are trying to find out if a loved one has a life insurance policy or not, it is best to ask them while they are still living, otherwise you may end up never knowing. has found some options for finding out if someone has a life insurance policy. We do not endorse these services, but they are options that can help find the information.

Why isn’t there a central database for Life Insurance?

Life insurance companies are under no obligation to share information with each other or other agencies. This leaves the idea of a central database for life insurance with no potential of existing. We live in an age where information is worth money and life insurance companies are well aware of this.

How would one go about finding if someone had a Life Insurance policy or not?

The only way to find out if someone had a life insurance policy is to use investigatory services. These would include online services and private investigators. There are a few companies that will do this investigation for you for a fee. has found the following resources:

(1) – the $75 fee is required.

(2) Duvall Group Investigations can locate, Life Insurance, Business Insurance, Health Insurance, Auto Insurance, Life Term Insurance, Liability Insurance and Homeowners Insurance policies. They offer a 48 hour turnaround time. Ryan T. Duvall – Duvall Group Private Investigations – 1(800)681-0687 – –

(3) Paul D. Archibald in Midlothian, VA has a large database of companies and has a form type letter he has used very successfully (with the addition of the specifics you supply) to obtain this information. His phone number is (804) 594-2359 and his email address is: does not endorse any of the aforementioned services. We are just listing them as available services to track down potential life insurance policies.

Are there companies that have Life Insurance Databases?

There are companies available on the internet that have life insurance databases. These databases are hard to trust because not all life insurance providers share their information which leaves these life insurance databases with missing information. They may tell you that they found no life insurance policy towards an individual, however, that individual may have a policy with a competing agency.

Finding out if someone had a life insurance policy is not an easy task. The best way to know is to ask the person before their untimely demise. Otherwise, suggests using the above services if you need to find out if someone had a life insurance policy. If you are in need of other investigatory services, take a look through the services we offer at We may be able to help you find the information you are looking for in other ways.

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