New, Effective Phone Probe

The investigatory service world is constantly evolving and coming up with new, effective searches for all of our assorted clients. The newest search to hit the market is a Phone Probe from The Phone Probe is by far one of our most effective searches to find someone’s exact(within 1000 yards) location. Instead of pinging between towers and getting outdated information, our Phone Probe returns real time, accurate location information for anyone you might be trying to locate.

How effective is a Phone Probe?

Phone Probes are incredibly effective. Finding a person is difficult, and finding someone trying to avoid you is even more difficult. Our industries collide when it comes to judgment debtor’s, legal targets, and any circumstance that would warrant an exact person locate because the need for accuracy in these matters is of utmost importance. By providing a high degree of accuracy, our Phone Probe outpaces our competition by a large margin. A Phone Probe from has a higher rate of accuracy than what phone companies provide.

Why are Phone Probes so effective?

Phone Probe works to identify the location of a wireless phone within 1000 +/- yards (US and Canada only). This anonymous solution, allows banks, financial institutions, skip tracers, repossession agents, process servers, asset locators and the like to help pinpoint where their target is located while complying with all laws and requirements for an actual “PING” (which is only available to law enforcement, warrants and/or by subpoena). Determining the location of a subject is of utmost importance when it comes to doing your job, and being able to do your job easily relies on accurate, timely information. It does you no good to find the location of a phone if the information is stale and out of date. Phone Probes operate in real time and get you the information quickly for actionable results.

How much does a Phone Probe cost?

A phone probe costs $395. If the search does not yield any results, your fee will be refunded and a $25 fee will be retained for services rendered. Finding the specific position of a phone is worth the cost when dealing with investigatory businesses. Using a GPS ping will get you within a few miles of your target because of the way GPS triangulation works between cell towers, but a phone probe will get the location of your target within +/- 1000 yards.

When you have been in the investigatory service industry as long as we have, you start to see the potential in the right services to offer. There are different costs involved with every search we offer, and nothing gets us excited as much as finding a new service that is cost effective, accurate, and gives our customers something that no one else offers. Our exclusive Phone Probe is like no other phone ping on the market. Our results speak for themselves, and we proudly offer our services with our guarantee and refund policy.

100% Accuracy Guarantee on All Investigative Searches!


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