Personal Information and Burner Phones

Burner Phones are Burner Phones because there is no personal information associated with the phone. If there were any personal information associated with the Burner Phone, then it would just be a regular cell phone. This is why it is important to never use personal information when attempting to purchase/use a Burner Phone. Having conversations regarding personal information will also defeat the purpose of a Burner Phone. Just like any other tool, it is important to understand how to use a Burner Phone properly before attempting to achieve secure, anonymous communication.

Is my personal information private with a Burner Phone?

Your personal information is not 100% private using a Burner Phone. People falsely assume they are 100% anonymous when using a Burner Phone, but the conversations held on these phones can be recorded and personal information can be plucked from these conversations. Never assume a Burner Phone is 100% private or anonymous. Companies like have the ability to track down Burner Phone users because we have the experience and knowledge to perform the search, however, even we have a high fail rate tracking properly used Burner Phone Users.

How much personal information do I need to hand over to purchase a Burner Phone?

None. There are methods to purchase Burner Phones across the states with no personal information necessary. Major chain stores like Walmart and Target carry these types of phones and they can be purchased with cash or prepaid credit cards. Being anonymous in a day and age where surveillance reigns supreme is not easily achieved.

Why should I worry about Burner Phones?

You shouldn’t worry about Burner Phones unless you work in law enforcement. Burner Phones may or may not have an immediate use in your life, but being aware of their uses will help you understand the world around you. If you are doing business with someone who uses a Burner Phone, it might be a signal that this person may be doing something nefarious. However, this same person may have a legitimate reason to use a Burner Phone. These are the type of details law enforcement is interested in, but everyday citizens have nothing to worry about from Burner Phones.

Never tie personal information to a Burner Phone. It will defeat the purpose of the Burner Phone, and turn it into a regular cell phone. Companies like excell at finding Burner Phone users because we rely on people not following this simple rule.

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