Phone Numbers from Name, City, and State

Losing a loved one due to not having contact information, especially their Phone Number, can be stressful and downright awful. Losing contact information in general is an annoyance, and can lead to lost business, lost time, and lost money. Avoid the chance of losing someones information by using to Find Phone Numbers from Name, City, and State. This service will obtain valuable contact information for investigations, searches, and other activities. Understanding the value of accurate and timely information is what is all about.

Is it possible to search for a Phone Number with a Name, City, and State?

Of course it is possible to search for a Phone Number with a Name, City, and State. The reason you need a Name, City, and State is to narrow down the amount of results we find so that our private investigators have an easier time locating 100% accurate information. It is surprising how many people across the United States have similar or the exact same name. Searching for a person with this information on a Search Engine is equivalent to using a Phone Book. You will find a multitude of results that are not accurate and ultimately waste time.

Who offers Phone Number searches from Name, City, and State?

If you need accurate Phone Number Searches performed, use If you want to waste your time chasing false leads, you can use Search Engines and scrupulous companies. We suggest sticking with the professionals at because they will never leave you hanging on a Phone Number Search. Nonpub offers multiple Investigatory Search Services including People Searches, Reverse Cell Phone Lookups, and Reverse Telephone Searches.

How much does it cost to search for a Phone Number with a Name, City, and State?

It can cost anywhere between $50 and $250+ for a Phone Number search with a Name, City, and State. It all depends on what service provider you use and how much they charge for their searches. Make sure to use a 100% accuracy guaranteed service to perform your Phone Number search. Otherwise, you can be left with the bill and no useable information.

Wasting time and money looking for contact information, especially phone numbers, is a problem everyone faces at one point in their lives. It becomes more problematic when it is your job to know where and how to contact people for Law Enforcement, Legal, or Personal business. This is why it is important to know that you can Search for a Phone Number with a Name, City, and State at

100% Accuracy Guarantee on All Investigative Searches!


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