Phone Probe, The Easy Way to Ping

If you have ever needed to ping a phone to find its location, you have ran into the problem of finding a service provider that can provide real-time results that are accurate enough to use immediately. The majority of Cell Phone Ping services on the net use GPS systems to ping a phone. Cell phone pings are notorious for reporting unuseable information because by the time the ping returns, the cell phone user might have already moved many miles away from that location with a turned off cell phone. There is no way to know if this is true or not without physically searching for the cell phone user from the ping. This is impractical for professionals who rely on locating people with cell phone pings. Thankfully, there is a new way to ping a cell phone user within a reasonable distance and in real-time, a Phone Probe from

How much does a Phone Probe cost?

A phone probe costs $395. If the search does not yield any results, your fee will be refunded and a $25 fee will be retained for services rendered. Finding the specific position of a phone is worth the cost when dealing with investigatory businesses. Using a GPS ping will get you within a few miles of your target because of the way GPS triangulation works between cell towers and satellites, but a phone probe will get the location of your target within +/- 1000 yards.

Who offers nationwide Phone Probes?

The professionals at offer Phone Probes for anyone looking for the specific location of a phone. As modern investigatory methods improve and evolve, our team of experts constantly adapt to offer the best services on the market. Our years of experience and networking has yielded fantastic results for our clients, and we pride ourselves on our guarantee and our refund policy. You can search for information you need without any worries.

What does Ping mean?

In terms of phones, ping means to query the connection of the device. This basically means to find out if the phone is connected to the cellular network or internet through wifi. Once found out, pinging gives the ability to find information about the phone and where it is currently connected to the network. With the right tools and experience, a ping has significant location revealing power. However, an active ping does not mean active location. A ping will triangulate the location through cell phone towers and satellites, and this takes time and does not report position in real time. In order to get real time location data, use a Phone Probe.

Ping someones location with accuracy by using a Phone Probe from We understand the need for accurate, timely data regarding someone’s location and we have the experience, tools, and knowledge necessary to deliver results. If you need to find the location of any individual, ping with the professionals, use a Phone Probe. Our techniques have lasted the test of time, and we continue to evolve and offer new services to our clients. The Phone Probe is yet another one of the great products we offer at

100% Accuracy Guarantee on All Investigative Searches!


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