Ping the Position

When you want to know where someone is you ask someone nearby or someone familiar with the person you are searching. This is actually a form of “pinging” someones location. By reaching out and expecting a response, you get feedback that allows narrow the location of your target. Sometimes it is general, like, “They are at the mall”, or specific, “They are in the bathroom.” The answer to your questions are completed “pings”. Now, this is a generalization of the term ping, and ping is specific to networked technology, but the analogy holds firm. When you pay for a ping, check the depth of the ping and details involved. You will find details inadequate more often than not with a phone ping. Go deeper, and use a Phone Probe for accurate, real-time information.

What does “Ping the Position” mean?

“Ping the Position” refers to the modern ability to “ping” a cellular phones position. Pinging is the act of sending packets to a phone or computer and then receiving a signal back including the gps location of the phone or computer. However, this terminology is now expanding and covering a wider range of tactics to “ping the position.” Pinging the position also now refers to’s ability to perform a Phone Probe. When you ping the position with Nonpub’s Phone Probe, your results will be useable immediately.

How do I “Ping the Position”?

If you want to ping the position accurately, use a Phone Probe from Nonpub. Using a GPS ping to find the position of a person is not accurate. Pinging the IP address is even less accurate. There are multiple ways to ping the position of a phone, but the best way is to find the exact location with a Phone Probe. Get accurate, real-time results that are actionable immediately instead of relying on outdated investigatory methods. GPS is great for certain things, but not for finding the specific location of a subject.

How much does it cost to “Ping the Position”?

A phone probe costs $395. If the search does not yield any results, your fee will be refunded and a $25 fee will be retained for services rendered. Finding the specific position of a phone is worth the cost when dealing with investigatory businesses. Using a GPS ping will get you within a few miles of your target because of the way GPS triangulation works between cell towers and satellites. A Phone Probe will get the location of your target within +/- 1000 yards. A major difference when every yard matters.

Finding someone is not as easy as it appears, but thanks to modern technology, there are pathways to finding someone’s specific location within a workable area. If you are in the business of locating people, ping the position with Our professionals will only work with commercial entities that have the necessary rights to find someone’s location. There is no doubt our service provides fantastic results. If interested in doing things right, contact our friendly customer support staff for further information.

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