Politics and Burner Phones

Anything criminals or terrorists use as tools for their craft comes under scrutiny by law enforcement and Congress. Law enforcement and Congress have an interest in breaking the anonymity provided by Burner Phones because Burner Phones work. Tracking down the conversation of a phone is one thing, but tracking down the user’s personal information is almost impossible. It takes experienced professionals a large amount of work to track down the personal information of a Burner Phone Number, and even the professionals can’t track down every Burner Number.

Burner Phones have become a highlight of political debate because terrorists around the world are successfully using Burner Phones to coordinate terror attacks and criminal acts. This has given politicians an opportunity to take advantage of the situation and push their own agendas, but Burner Phones remain within the political discussion because the criminal use of these phones has created a problem for law enforcement. The middle ground between politics and technology takes time to develop.

Is Congress interested in Burner Phones?

Yes. Burner Phones are discussed in Congress due to their rise in popularity and use. Even members of Congress have been found using Burner Phones for their own gains. Politicians understand the power Burner Phones present to terrorists and criminal activities, but they also recognize the fact that there are legitimate uses for Burner Phones in an age where everything we do is being tracked and monitored.

Will laws be passed to prevent Burner Phone purchasing?

It does not appear that Congress is interested in banning Burner Phones outright, but they are interested in requiring personal information be associated with any Burner Phone purchase, thus negating the purpose of a Burner Phone in the first place.

How long will Burner Phones be legal in their current capacity?

It’s impossible to determine how long Burner Phones will be legal in their current capacity because it’s impossible to determine what Congress will do to stop Burner Phones from being used for criminal purposes. If Congress decides to collect personal information upon purchase, it will defeat the purpose of the phone in the first place. If Congress decides to ban Burner Phones and Burner Numbers, the phones will just re-emerge in a different form.

Politicians will always use current topics to further their agendas. Burner Phones are a hot topic because there is a direct link to terrorism and politicians have taken advantage. Legislature is being discussed and passed to track down the personal information of Burner Phone users. Currently, the only way to track down the user of a Burner Phone is through a private investigator or company like Nonpub.com. We will find out after the Presidential election what type of situation Burner Phones legality is situated.

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