Presidential Campaign Discuss Phone Privacy

The Presidential Campaign is already upon us and the election of 2016 is fast approaching. One interesting thing is that Phone Privacy, Metadata, and Privacy in general are being discussed during this campaign. Democrats and Republicans have agreed about these issues in the past for reasons of National Security and this election will have an impact on policy and legislature regarding technological privacy. This includes telephones, cell phones, VOIP/Computer based phone services, and information transferred over the internet. It is impossible to determine how Congress and the Supreme Court will react with a new President in office. The only option is to be aware of the debates held between the candidates regarding Phone Privacy. If you have any questions or concerns regarding Telephone Privacy, the FCC updates it’s rules and regulations here.

Will the Presidential Campaign effect Phone Privacy?

It is impossible to determine if the presidential campaign will have any effect on phone privacy. Presidential candidates have a habit of promising one thing, and then delivering something different once elected. The only thing we can do is wait and see who is elected to determine the future of telephone privacy. Analyzing recent information regarding Telephone privacy would suggest that the laws regarding access and distribution of such information could possibly change during this upcoming Presidential term. will continue to monitor the situation as the election unfolds.

Why do the Presidential Candidates talk about Meta Data?

After Edward Snowden released information regarding Prism and the NSA, Metadata has entered the vocabulary of citizens across the United States of America. Now that citizens are aware the NSA is gathering metadata, their suspicions have been raised regarding all things NSA. This made it absolutely critical that any political candidate discuss the issues of privacy, metadata, and the NSA. The questions during the debates should be interesting and worth listening.

What will happen to Phone Privacy after the Presidential Campaign?

It is impossible to determine until a President is elected. Going from previous Presidential elections, one can assume that policy towards Telephone Privacy will remain intact for the foreseeable future. Telecommunications is a matter of National Security and the laws regarding them are designed to last through sitting Presidents. However, the citizens of the USA are asking for a review and adjustment of these terms and laws.

Every time an election year is upon us, major issues concerning Americans get brought up in debate. In 2016, Phone Privacy joins the debate with Technological Privacy and other discussions about the Government’s ability to respect their citizen’s desire for privacy. It will be an interesting spectacle to see where each candidate rests on Privacy. No one knows 100% what will happen when the President elect takes office, but you can bet the debate will continue through into the future.

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