Private Information and Reverse Phone Lookup

The debate on what information is private and what information is public has been in the media frequently because of the NSA and other incidents of “information hacks.” What the majority of these discussions are bringing to light is the fact that certain information should be considered private in the eyes of the law. This includes medical records, financial records, and other specific personal legal documents. What this does not include is public telephone and cell phone information. Because public telephone information is not considered private in the eyes of the law, it is completely legal to perform reverse phone lookups on telephone and cellphone numbers.

Isn’t Phone and Cell Phone Information Private?

The information to someone’s phone and Cell Phone is not private. This means that if someone is inclined to find out the information of a phone or cell phone number, they can easily go to a website like and perform a Reverse Phone Lookup for what someone might consider “private information.” Legally speaking, this information is not private. There used to be an expectation of privacy when considering telephone and cell phone records, however, this expectation was thrown out the window long ago.

Are there regulations regarding Private Information and Reverse Phone Lookups?

Of course. There are rules and strict regulations regarding Reverse Phone Lookups. These rules and regulations do not stop companies like from providing accurate and timely information to their clients. The rules and regulations actually make the process more streamlined and easier to access to the general public. Take for example’s Cell Phone Break Plus+. This service will return any cell phone number’s user information within minutes, AND it will include any other phone numbers associated with that cell phone user. This can be a life saver for a private investigator trying to track down someone who uses multiple burner phones.

Are Unknown number’s information considered Private Information?

There are different levels of private numbers. Just because a number shows up as unknown on your caller I.D., does not mean that the number is private. There are ways to track down the user information of unknown and non-published numbers. specializes in tracking down telephone and cell phone user information. If you need to uncover the user information of an unknown number, contact today to perform a Reverse Phone Number Lookup.

Reverse Phone Lookups produce public information that is legally available. Private information like medical records, financial records, and personal legal documentation are left completely untouched by Reverse Phone Lookups. If you need accurate and trustworthy results backed up by a no information, no charge guarantee, use for your Reverse Phone Lookups. They have the experience and connections to get the information you need. Working with the best in the business is the best way to accomplish your investigation in the least amount of time. Save money and effort with

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    I? was being harassed by calls from an uoknnwn number for a very long time. Then my friend told me about the phnlookup. It helped me track down the culprit down to his state and home address.

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