Private Investigators vs. Reverse Phone Lookups

Private Investigators are amazing tools for investigating. They can uncover evidence of fraud, infidelity, and other personal information about people. The only issue when consulting with a Private Investigator is cost. Just recently, the state of California hired a private investigator to investigate Tom Sellek for possible water fraud. The case is ongoing, but the total cost came out to $22,000. This is not in an average person’s budget. Consider all avenues of investigation before settling on a Private Investigator. Your first stop should always be a Reverse Phone Lookup from A Reverse Phone Lookup will produce accurate and timely information that is affordable. A Reverse Phone Lookup from comes with a no information, no charge guarantee. Start your investigation at

Should I hire a Private Investigator?

It depends upon the investigation you are intending to undertake. If you plan on investigating your loved one for infidelity, then a private investigator might not be a bad option. If you are trying to track down a person who called you, then a private investigator would be a bad option. Opt for a Reverse Phone Lookup from at the start of any investigation. This will get you the information you need within an affordable price range and timeframe. And if you still need more information for your investigation, then you can move forward with a Private Investigator.

Can I do the same things Private Investigators do?

In some circumstances, yes. Private Investigators are paid to investigate and gather evidence. Depending upon the investigation, evidence gathering may be obtainable without a private investigator. In the above examples, monitoring your loved one while you’re working would be too difficult to do by yourself, but obtaining a reverse phone or cell phone lookup can be accomplished by yourself. The search is anonymous and no one is the wiser that you performed a reverse phone lookup.

Do Private Investigators use Reverse Phone Lookups?

They do. has worked with many Private Investigators over the years and understand the demand Reverse Phone Lookups have in this type of work. Not only are they necessary, but the sheer amount of phone lookups needed for private investigations are immense. This is why it is suggested to run your own if you have all the necessary information. has all the necessary services available to leave the private investigators out of the investigation.

Private Investigators are important tools in the investigatory community. They have a proven track record, and will get results. Their main drawback is their cost and the thoroughness of their investigations usually lead to longer return times. Reverse Phone Lookups from are accurate, trustworthy, and are returned in a timely manner. If you need information immediately, offers their Cell Phone Break Plus+ which can return a phone’s user information within minutes. Consider the scope of your investigation, then choose the best option for you. Both Private Investigators and Reverse Phone Lookups have their uses in the investigatory world.

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