Search Engines and Private Information

Most people are unaware that search engines, mail servers, and free online services collect information you input into their web forms. Even more people are unaware that mail servers and search engines work together to create profiles on individual users. They do this to create advertising revenue for themselves, but they also create lists of information that can be susceptible to cyber terrorism. suggests taking mind to what information you use when searching the internet and websites of ill repute. You never know when and to what extent a hack on a websites database may affect your private information. It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to private information.

Do search engines collect my private information?

Yes. It is a sign of the times that people have forgotten this simple truth. Major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo will remember all the information you input on their platforms to better develop ads for you to view. Basically, they want to make money off selling you things. We are sure you have seen ads appear in the sidebar of your browsers already, but often times you will find these ads linked to private conversations you have had over these search engines web forms or email servers. If you have a Yahoo Email account, and use a yahoo search engine page, the chance of an ad popping up regarding a private conversation is guaranteed. suggests keeping your information as private as possible when using any online service.

Are there ways to stop search engines from collecting my private information?

There are ways to stop search engines from collecting your private information. Here are a few tips to stop them from viewing your information —

Wait, the search engine on my cell phone collects private information?

The majority of free services online will collect your information through cookies to advance their advertising revenue. This includes mobile devices, tablets, and even smart watches. All of these devices have the computing power to transmit data back to large data centers. Some services have more nefarious goals by collecting personal information without your permission. This is why it is important to use the above link and start searching with more caution towards exposing your private information.

Search engines are great tools and many of them offer great services like email, data servers, and web hosting. However, you should never trust private information to a tool. This includes search engines on your computer, mobile phone, laptops, and tablets. A similar example would be leaving your tax return forms on the driver’s seat of an unlocked car. Chances are that nothing will happen, but you have also raised the chances of your private information being stolen significantly. Whenever you use a search engine, be weary of what information they are collecting about you. Don’t leave any information on your driver’s seat and you won’t have to worry about anything getting stolen in the first place. This same lesson rings true with search engines and browsers.

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