Become Jason Bourne with a Burner Phone

Don’t believe everything you see in movies. Actions, scenes, dialogue, and other elements are exaggerated for dramatic impact. However, some elements are true to real life to bring realism to the theatrics. Burner Phones are depicted correctly in shows like The Wire, but have been misrepresented in movies like The Bourne Supremacy. The misrepresentation is not how the phones are used, but the power that they bestow on the user. Absolute anonymity by simply using a phone is not achievable to the extent shown in these productions. Proper Burner Phone use necessitates trained conversation methods and avoiding any mention of personal information.

Can I really become Jason Bourne with a Burner Phone?

No, you can not really become Jason Bourne with a Burner Phone because Jason Bourne is not real. Burner Phones do allow a secure, anonymous channel to communicate, but what you do with that channel is up to you. Using a secure, anonymous communication channel to talk about your favorite hobbies is not as nefarious as how the movies depict Burner Phones. The tool is not to blame for what the person does with it. This sentiment is shared with Burner Phones because simply using a Burner Phone will not make you a fugitive criminal spy.

How anonymous does a Burner Phone make you?

A Burner Phone is a useful tool for seeking anonymous communication, but the tool is only as useful as the person who knows how to use it. This means that someone who is not well versed in the art of anonymity should not assume a Burner Phone will magically make their conversations private and anonymous. There are ways to track down the user of a Burner Phone, and companies like work with Investigators who can successfully track Burner Phone users. Do not assume a Burner Phone guarantees 100% anonymity.

Do Burner Phones give me special powers?

No. Burner Phones do not give you special powers, they do not shield you from authorities, and they are not some magical tool used by criminals and terrorists to carry out movie style plots worldwide. They are, however, a useful tool for having secure, anonymous conversations. They are also unknowingly used by millions around the world due to sheer convenience.

Burner Phones are no more likely to turn you into an action hero than a gun. The myth is perpetuated by movies and television shows. Burner Phones are just tools and are only as good as the person using them. If someone is untrained and unknowledgeable using a Burner Phone, then they are no closer to being Jason Bourne than someone picking up a gun and becoming James Bond.

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Burner Phone Uses

Burner Phones are not just for criminals and terrorists. These phones are tools that can be used by businessmen, politicians, and citizens to securely and anonymously communicate. Consider a businessman who runs a sole proprietorship and is the only employee. He wants to have multiple phones for multiple departments of his business, but he doesn’t want to have one phone number with multiple department extensions. Instead, he could purchase Burner Phones to take the place of multiple departments of communication that don’t receive as much attention as a main line. The reality is that Burner Phones have valid, legal reasons of use because they are a tool just like a hammer.

What are uses for Burner Phones?

People instantly think of criminal uses when Burner Phone is mentioned because it was popularized by criminals on television. There are other uses for Burner Phones, including – business, personal, law enforcement, political, overseas, accounting, and anonymity. All of these reasons are perfectly legal to use a Burner Phone because there are positive benefits without breaking any laws.

Are all uses for Burner Phones criminal in nature?

Not at all. For example, an online salesman who does business on Craigslist and doesn’t have a storefront would want to use a Burner Phone when contacting random individuals from the Internet. By using a Burner Phone, this person alleviates themselves from paying for a business phone, a business address, and they can change numbers at any point in time to avoid harassment.

Why are Burner Phones legal?

Burner Phones are legal because there are legitimate reasons to own and use them. Anonymity can be used to hurt people, but it can also be used to protect people. It is that simple. Burner Phones and Burner Numbers are tools. Would you make hammers illegal? That is the argument that Congress has to tackle. More than likely, they will decide in favor of sales restrictions and registration laws, but it is impossible to be sure what laws will emerge.

There are new and evolving uses for Burner Phones constantly being found and researched. Businesses take advantage of the low cost, multiple number, and secure communication provided by Burner Phones. Citizens utilize Burner Phones for personal privacy and to have multiple, low cost lines of communication. Politicians use Burner Phones for a variety of reasons, some less savory than others, but legal nonetheless. When it comes to outlawing Burner Phones, it is not a black and white issue.

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Burner Phones Rampant Criminal Use

Criminals and terrorists use Burner Phones because they are an efficient tool to communicate securely and anonymously. The sheer amount of criminals using Burner Phones is astounding and Congress has taken notice. Unfortunately, Burner Phones and Burner Phone technology is the innocent victim in the matter because the technology is just a tool for secure, anonymous communication. Criminals and terrorists have figured out that Burner Phone communication can’t be traced like a normal cell phone. This anonymity gives criminals and terrorists an advantage against law enforcement. Companies like work hard to trace Burner Phone user information, but even the professionals have difficulty tracking down accurate personal information.

Do criminals really use Burner Phones like the movies?

Unfortunately, yes. Criminals use Burner Phones because they are effective tools of anonymity. They allow users to communicate without worrying about law enforcement being able to accurately track the user. This type of technology is ripe for all levels of criminal activity to take advantage. It is amazing how far and widely available Burner Phone technology has become.

How do criminals use Burner Phones?

Criminals use Burner Phones to communicate anonymously between each other. They will use the phones to set up drop off points, targets for assault, and other nefarious duties all through the phone because it is secured against law enforcement. By the time law enforcement has any information to use, the phones in use are long since destroyed and criminals are onto a new one. Personal information lost by criminals using Burner Phones is such a serious issue that Congress has taken up the battle to combat the technology.

Why doesn’t law enforcement just outlaw Burner Phones?

Burner Phones have more uses than criminal. There are legitimate reasons to use a Burner Phone, but they are overshadowed by the nefarious reasons. Congress and law enforcement are aware of the Burner Phone problem. There has been legislation proposed to stop criminal Burner Phone use through personal identification requirements. The proposal is that merchants will require valid, state issued I.D. in order to purchase a Burner Phone. This enables law enforcement the ability to tie personal information to a specific phone.

Criminals and terrorists will continue to use Burner Phones while they remain a low cost, effective, secure, and anonymous form of communication. The problem is that if Congress moves to outlaw Burner Phones, or defeat their purpose through personal information collection, criminals and terrorists will revert to an alternate form of anonymous communication. Shutting down one form of communication will just open up a new form, like a revolving door, and that is why agencies like the NSA, CIA, and FBI are pushing for ever stretching investigatory powers.

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Personal Information and Burner Phones

Burner Phones are Burner Phones because there is no personal information associated with the phone. If there were any personal information associated with the Burner Phone, then it would just be a regular cell phone. This is why it is important to never use personal information when attempting to purchase/use a Burner Phone. Having conversations regarding personal information will also defeat the purpose of a Burner Phone. Just like any other tool, it is important to understand how to use a Burner Phone properly before attempting to achieve secure, anonymous communication.

Is my personal information private with a Burner Phone?

Your personal information is not 100% private using a Burner Phone. People falsely assume they are 100% anonymous when using a Burner Phone, but the conversations held on these phones can be recorded and personal information can be plucked from these conversations. Never assume a Burner Phone is 100% private or anonymous. Companies like have the ability to track down Burner Phone users because we have the experience and knowledge to perform the search, however, even we have a high fail rate tracking properly used Burner Phone Users.

How much personal information do I need to hand over to purchase a Burner Phone?

None. There are methods to purchase Burner Phones across the states with no personal information necessary. Major chain stores like Walmart and Target carry these types of phones and they can be purchased with cash or prepaid credit cards. Being anonymous in a day and age where surveillance reigns supreme is not easily achieved.

Why should I worry about Burner Phones?

You shouldn’t worry about Burner Phones unless you work in law enforcement. Burner Phones may or may not have an immediate use in your life, but being aware of their uses will help you understand the world around you. If you are doing business with someone who uses a Burner Phone, it might be a signal that this person may be doing something nefarious. However, this same person may have a legitimate reason to use a Burner Phone. These are the type of details law enforcement is interested in, but everyday citizens have nothing to worry about from Burner Phones.

Never tie personal information to a Burner Phone. It will defeat the purpose of the Burner Phone, and turn it into a regular cell phone. Companies like excell at finding Burner Phone users because we rely on people not following this simple rule.

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Legal Requirements of Burner Phones

If you are 18 years or older, you can legally go to the store and purchase a Burner Phone with no personal information required. That is all that is legally required to purchase a Burner Phone. Congress is debating changing these requirements due to phones ending up in criminals and terrorists hands. The problem with changing the legal requirements of Burner Phones is that if any personal information is recorded during the purchase of the Burner Phone, it defeats the purpose of the phone immediately and turns it into a regular cell phone. The experts at will keep a close eye on the legal requirements for Burner Phones as they change.

What information is legally required to buy a Burner Phone?

At the moment, there is no information legally required to buy a Burner Phone. Anyone over the age of 18 may purchase a Burner Phone with cash or a prepaid credit card. Since there is no private information linked to the Burner Phone itself, as long as there is no private information discussed over the conversations, the conversation will be 100% anonymous. Burner Phones have a high success rate if used properly.

Do Burner Phones have any legal requirements for purchase?

The only legal requirement to purchase a Burner Phone is that the person is above the age of 18. In some states, this requirement is not as stringent and users under the age of 18 can access Burner Phones from stores like Walmart or Target. The ease of purchase is one of the versatile uses of Burner Phones because someone can travel across the country, walk into a store, and buy a brand new Burner Phone. In a way, all past conversations on their old phone are now lost forever.

What type of laws are being considered regarding Burner Phones?

Congress is considering laws to force store owners to require Burner Phone purchasers to provide valid personal identification when purchasing Burner Phones. This would enable a paper trail of personal information back to the phone’s user, thus defeating the purpose of a Burner Phone. It is a tricky situation and there are pro’s and con’s on both sides of the debate. As long as technology is available, people will use it.

Congress is aware that Burner Phones have little to no legal hurdles with purchasing and providing personal information. This has been driving law enforcement crazy because Burner Phones have been an efficient tool in thwarting their investigations. Tracking the user of a Burner Phone is almost impossible for law enforcement. Companies like are the only successful means to track the user of a Burner Phone. If Congress gets their way, Burner Phones will stop existing in their current form and retract back to the black market through illegal sim cards and illegal hardware production.

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Politics and Burner Phones

Anything criminals or terrorists use as tools for their craft comes under scrutiny by law enforcement and Congress. Law enforcement and Congress have an interest in breaking the anonymity provided by Burner Phones because Burner Phones work. Tracking down the conversation of a phone is one thing, but tracking down the user’s personal information is almost impossible. It takes experienced professionals a large amount of work to track down the personal information of a Burner Phone Number, and even the professionals can’t track down every Burner Number.

Burner Phones have become a highlight of political debate because terrorists around the world are successfully using Burner Phones to coordinate terror attacks and criminal acts. This has given politicians an opportunity to take advantage of the situation and push their own agendas, but Burner Phones remain within the political discussion because the criminal use of these phones has created a problem for law enforcement. The middle ground between politics and technology takes time to develop.

Is Congress interested in Burner Phones?

Yes. Burner Phones are discussed in Congress due to their rise in popularity and use. Even members of Congress have been found using Burner Phones for their own gains. Politicians understand the power Burner Phones present to terrorists and criminal activities, but they also recognize the fact that there are legitimate uses for Burner Phones in an age where everything we do is being tracked and monitored.

Will laws be passed to prevent Burner Phone purchasing?

It does not appear that Congress is interested in banning Burner Phones outright, but they are interested in requiring personal information be associated with any Burner Phone purchase, thus negating the purpose of a Burner Phone in the first place.

How long will Burner Phones be legal in their current capacity?

It’s impossible to determine how long Burner Phones will be legal in their current capacity because it’s impossible to determine what Congress will do to stop Burner Phones from being used for criminal purposes. If Congress decides to collect personal information upon purchase, it will defeat the purpose of the phone in the first place. If Congress decides to ban Burner Phones and Burner Numbers, the phones will just re-emerge in a different form.

Politicians will always use current topics to further their agendas. Burner Phones are a hot topic because there is a direct link to terrorism and politicians have taken advantage. Legislature is being discussed and passed to track down the personal information of Burner Phone users. Currently, the only way to track down the user of a Burner Phone is through a private investigator or company like We will find out after the Presidential election what type of situation Burner Phones legality is situated.

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Laws, Privacy, and Burner Phones

The forefathers of the United States of America were huge proponents of privacy and felt that any invasion of privacy was an assault on freedom. They would be in full support of Burner Phones and their use today. Unfortunately, the law makers of today disagree with the idea that an invasion of privacy is an assault on freedom because there are terrorists to catch. This has led the United States into some interesting political waters, including the current Presidential Election of 2016. The nature of a Burner Phone relies on 100% privacy when it comes to personal information. If laws are passed requiring recording of personal information with Burner Phone purchases, these laws will defeat the very nature in which Burner Phones exist. The stakes are high because Burner Phones and Burner Numbers are a technology already widely used.

What laws are there regarding Burner Phones?

Currently, there are no specific laws regarding Burner Phones. They are treated under the same laws as any other cell phone and the only difference is that no private information is gathered when registering a Burner Phone. The lack of personal information tied to the phone is the main concern of lawmakers.

What do Burner Phones have to do with Privacy?

Burner Phones bring up an interesting political debate similar to the original court case that brought about Common Carriers and laws regarding them. Because there is no private information gathered when a Burner Phone is activated and used, a state of anonymity can be gained by the user, ensuring privacy. Politicians, criminals, and businessmen use Burner Phones to achieve privacy from Law Enforcement and prying eyes/ears.

Why are Burner Phones such a hot topic?

Burner Phones are a talking point for political discussion because they are tools used by terrorists and criminals. Burner Phones are also used by legitimate citizens and business owners for completely legal functions. This brings up the debate of whether they should be outlawed, regulated, or kept in the current free market situation.

People have died fighting for Privacy Rights in the United States. There is little sentiment towards past accomplishments when immediate threats are paraded around as distractions for nefarious lawmakers to make their moves. Only time will tell how far the right to Privacy is lost, but Burner Phones will exist as long as possible to create secure, anonymous lines of communication for whoever might be inclined to use them. It is obvious law enforcement is at their breaking point when dealing with Burner Phones.

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How Easy is it to Setup a Burner Phone?

Setting up a Burner Phone is as easy as going to Walmart or Target with a handful of cash or prepaid credit card. There are other stores that sell Burner Phones, but the point is that it is incredibly easy to purchase and set up a Burner Phone. The initial setup is one of the most important parts because it requires persistence to ignore the request for personal information. Carriers will be persistent in asking for registration information, however, the registration information is not necessary for many phones. This leads to a large amount of headsets being used as regular cell phones instead of Burner Phones. If there was personal information gathered before activating the phone, it is not a Burner Phone.

What information is needed to set up a Burner Phone?

In most cases, no personal information is needed to set up a Burner Phone. This gives way for untold numbers of anonymous callers because there is no information at the end of a phone trace.
Congress and authority figures are looking at the issue of Burner Phones with scrutiny. The ability to become anonymous on the telecommunication grid is as easy as buying a phone at Walmart, and that worries law enforcement.

Are Burner Phones difficult to use?

Burner Phones are no different than a regular cell phone. The only difference between a Burner Phone and a cell phone is that a Burner Phone has no personal information associated with it, enabling the caller to perform anonymous calls with ease. If the Burner Phone begins to be investigated, the user can simply destroy the phone and purchase a new one. Thus the name “Burner” phone, because once burned by law enforcement, the phone can just be tossed.

Is there special technology behind Burner Phones?

No. The only thing special about Burner Phones is that there is no personal information linking the phone user to the phone number. This creates a whole batch of problems for authorities attempting to investigate criminal cases because they waste their time chasing phone numbers with no personal information. Burner Phones are a difficult tool for law enforcement to crack.

Ease of purchase, ease of setup, and ease of use are all reasons why Burner Phone use is exploding across all industries. Criminals and terrorists are highlighted as being the nefarious users of Burner Phones, but everyday citizens and businesses are taking advantage of Burner Phones. Being able to setup a secure, anonymous, and risk-free line of communication has never been easier. Uses continue to evolve and companies like will be on top of any emerging news regarding Burner Phones.

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What are Burner Phones?

Burner Phones are all the rage on television and thriller, spy movies. They first appeared in The Wire, and have since been highlighted as a tool of criminals and terrorists. The sad truth is that Burner Phones and Burner Numbers are a technology based around secure, anonymous communication. This technology attracts nefarious actors because a secure, anonymous channel to communicate is prized for its ability to evade law enforcement. Problem is that Burner Phones are neither good nor bad, they are just tools for secure, anonymous communication. Government employees, businessmen, and private citizens have valid uses for Burner Phones just as much as criminals and terrorists. Finding middle ground through legislature is the only possible resolution.

Where can I buy a Burner Phone?

Any major grocery store offers Burner Phones for purchase. Electronic stores, high end bookstores, general good stores, and online retailers are all places to purchase Burner Phones. Retailers are starting to be aware of the product they offer, and have started taking measures to record personal information when individuals purchase Burner Phones. If the retailer records personal information upon purchase, the phone purchased is no longer a Burner Phone and is just a regular cell phone. Law enforcement has no problem tracking down a perpetrator if they can link phone records to a person. Be aware of this when purchasing.

How much does a Burner Phone cost?

Burner Phones can range in cost from the low of $5 to high end phones ranging between $100-200. Burner Phones serve a specific purpose, providing anonymity when using telecommunication networks because there is no traceable, personal information attached to the phone’s user records.

Why would someone use a Burner Phone?

Burner Phones are efficient means of staying anonymous when communicating over telecommunication networks. Operators and other people will not be able to identify the user of a Burner Phone because there is no personal information linking the Burner Phone to a person. This is why someone would use a Burner Phone. Being untraceable and anonymous is important to individuals in many different industries.

Hopefully, understanding more about what Burner Phones are will help you understand that there is nothing inherently wrong with the idea of Burner Phones and Burner Numbers. There are valid reasons to have a secure, anonymous channel of communication. The real problem is that anything that can’t be traced back to a crime is an issue for law enforcement. Law enforcement has access to telephony records, but those records do them little good when the trace returns no information.

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