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FBI and NSA’s Wide Sweeping Investigatory Powers

Privacy, Internet Privacy, and Telecommunications Privacy are at the top of politicians debate list this election year. This means that the FBI, NSA, DHS, CIA, and any other three letter agency is coming under scrutiny for their investigatory tools. Whether this has any effect is up for debate, but the issue is ongoing about the wide sweeping investigatory powers of the Federal Government’s Agencies. Understanding the tools Federal Law Enforcement agencies use is crucial for determining how much investigatory power these agencies actually possess. Once the general public is aware of the power, then they will be able to advise their elected officials to propose changes accordingly. How much power […]

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Combating Terrorism With Reverse Phone Lookup Services

After recent events in San Bernardino, California and Paris, France, it is obvious that acts of Terror can happen in any city at any time. The main thing to note is that when suspicions were raised, no one acted for fear of social repercussions. This can be averted by performing Anonymous Reverse Phone Lookup Searches. Law Enforcement, FBI, CIA, DEA, NSA, DHS, and any other Authority can take advantage of Reverse Phone Lookup Services to combat Terrorism. If your agency is in need of bulk discounts for running multiple Lookups, contact the professional sales team at for more information. What does Terrorism have to do with Reverse Phone Lookup […]

NSA Surveillance - reverse cell phone lookup
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NSA, Surveillance, and Reverse Cell Phone Lookups

It is impossible to avoid hearing about the news regarding the NSA. The powers that be have been overreaching in regards to very specific guidelines required for information gathering. This caused a giant spotlight to be cast on the information gathering community and made surveillance and other forms of information gathering more concrete in the eyes of the people. Thankfully, this has led to more streamlined legal processes regarding reverse cell phone lookups. Companies like are now been able to introduce programs like their Cell Phone Break Plus+ that returns information within minutes of purchase. What do the NSA, Surveillance, and Reverse Cell Phone Lookups have to do with […]