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Search Engines and Private Information

Most people are unaware that search engines, mail servers, and free online services collect information you input into their web forms. Even more people are unaware that mail servers and search engines work together to create profiles on individual users. They do this to create advertising revenue for themselves, but they also create lists of […]

Private Information and Reverse Phone Lookup

The debate on what information is private and what information is public has been in the media frequently because of the NSA and other incidents of “information hacks.” What the majority of these discussions are bringing to light is the fact that certain information should be considered private in the eyes of the law. This […]

How Private Information is Used to Harass and Violate Your Privacy

Marketing companies are out of control. It seems that no matter the regulations, some scrupulous marketers will continue to harass and solicit your attention. There are options to lower the frequency of unsolicited communications. The first thing you have to do is take control of how they get your information. This is much harder than […]