Trust an Investigator or Trust a Database?

The answer to this question should be obvious, but misinformation and lies are rampant on the Internet and many will claim that a database ping/search is to be trusted over a real Investigator. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Real Investigators have, and remain to be the best way to find accurate information for any investigation. The reason is that real investigators have pliability in their reasoning that simply can not be replicated by a database. Understanding results, and then applying those results to alternate searches is what an Investigator brings to the table. This is why you should trust your investigations to a real investigator, and not a computer ran database system.

Why should I trust an Investigator over a Database?

Because an Investigator will check to verify the accuracy of the data presented. A database ping, or queue, will only return what is located within the database. It may check to see that it pulled the information from the correct spot, but it will not verify that the data is accurate. This is why an Investigator ran search is more preferable and accurate.

What are the advantages of an Investigator versus a Telephone Database?

A real person checking to make sure the results are accurate and not false is one advantage of an Investigator versus a Telephone Database. Another advantage is having a real person to speak with if the information returned is questionable. A real investigator is human and can make a mistake, but will quickly work to fix said mistake. A database ping will simply return a result. Right or wrong, that is what you are given and have to work with. If you have any questions, a telephone database will have no reply.

How do I know if I am dealing with Investigators or just a Database?

Check with the company you are doing business with in order to determine if you are dealing with an investigator, or just a database ping. If the business is dodgy in their answer, they are more than likely piggy backing off a reputable service like Reputable Investigatory service providers pride themselves on using live investigators to verify every search result. This enables a more accurate and customer friendly approach to Reverse Telephone Lookups and other Telephone Database Searches.

The reasons to trust an investigator over a database are few, but important. Making sure information is cross checked between databases, verifying the accuracy of the information, and adjusting accordingly to find the right information are all features a real investigator brings to the table that a database does not. Professionals work with other professionals across the Investigatory industry to ensure updated database information and accurate information.

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Who is Performing My Reverse Phone Lookups

It is a simple question which may not have a simple answer, but who is performing your Reverse Phone Lookups? Knowing exactly who is performing the search goes a long way in ensuring trust between client and company. Scammers will attempt to hide this information, but professionals like will openly explain how their Reverse Phone Lookups are performed. Professionals make sure their databases are rigorously updated and maintained to ensure a 100% accuracy rate. This simple fact separates the professionals from 90% of the Reverse Phone Lookup Companies on the market.

How do I know who is performing my Reverse Phone Lookups?

The service provider should be upfront about how they perform their searches. If they are not, then ask them before paying for any of their services. Make sure to use a service that responds promptly, provides accurate information, and guarantees that a person is behind the search. Using a Reverse Phone Lookup service that doesn’t provide this level of service should not be used. Stick to the professional Reverse Phone Lookup Service Providers.

Is there a difference between a Computer Database and Private Investigator?

Yes. The difference is that a trained Investigator has the wherewithal to vet the information before it goes out to the client. A computer database ping will simply return the information in the database at that given time. What if that information is incorrect? What if that information is outdated? Neither of these questions matter to a computer database ping. A Private Investigator will make sure to use updated databases, check to make sure the information makes sense, and make sure that the information is accurate.

Are there cost differences between Computer Database Lookups versus Private Investigators?

There are price differences just like any investigatory search. However, the difference in prices don’t compensate for the additional work involved with bad, outdated information. A simple computer database ping may be priced lower than using a Private Investigator based database search, however, the cost of one accurate search with a Private Investigator based database search is equal to 2-3 bad computer database pings. Getting 2 false leads in a row from a computer based database search completely negates the cost savings.

Find out who is performing your Reverse Phone Lookups before you purchase the search. Finding out will save time, money, and stress because leaving a vital search up to a computer is not beneficial. A false/bad lead will lead to lost time and money, and will negatively affect your investigation. Knowing that a trained professional is performing the search will instill the trust necessary to perform such an important search. Professionals understand the needs of their customers and work diligently to provide their stellar services to all of their clientele.

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Real Investigator Versus Database Crawl

Database pings and database searches are great tools for finding static information that does not change, however, when it comes to dynamic information, like Telephony information, database pings and database searches fall short. It takes a real investigator to verify the results from a database ping/search are accurate. False leads and bad information is the bane of the Investigatory community, make sure to avoid any possible false leads or bad information by avoiding simple database crawl investigations. Always opt for a real investigator backed search system. Only use services that guarantee 100% accurate results and get it right the first time so your investigation can continue unhindered.

Don’t computers work better than real Investigators?

Not for accurate telephone information. Using a real investigator to verify database information is the best option for guaranteeing accurate, up to date telephone/cell phone information. Simply relying on a database search is insufficient for maintaining 100% accuracy. It is paramount that a real investigator review the database ping/search in order to verify its authenticity. Database pings and searches are infamous for returning false leads and bad information.

Why would I choose a Real Investigator over a Database Crawl?

As stated above, a real investigator verifies the information is accurate, searching multiple databases if necessary. A single database crawl will end with results directly from that database. Not having a person to verify these results may have less cost for the business, but it also leaves the customer with less trustworthy information.

Don’t Investigators just crawl a Database anyway?

In regards to Reverse Telephone Lookups, yes. But an Investigator has the ability to search multiple databases and make phone calls to verify the accuracy of the search. Algorithms and fancy search engines rely on code to produce results from the database. There is no person verifying the accuracy of this information, and if the company does not offer a guarantee, then you are stuck with whatever information they provide.

Time is one of the most important aspects of any investigation. Losing time over false leads and bad information will quickly ruin that investigation. The reason false leads and bad information persist is because of old, unupdated databases remaining in circulation and use. There is little incentive to terminate the use of these databases because people keep paying to use them. There is a simple solution, use premium professional services for your Investigative needs. Make sure they rigorously maintain their databases, have access to multiple, and have real investigators operating the controls.

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The Use of Private Investigators

Private Investigators are often glorified in movies as haggard, experienced gumshoes who pursue all avenues available to them to find information on their suspects. This depiction is, actually, pretty accurate. Some would say that Private Investigators are not as pretty as they are depicted in Hollywood, but we disagree. At, many of our services involve working with Private Investigators to deliver information necessary for them to accomplish their jobs. From our Cell Phone Break Plus+, to our Nationwide People Search, P.I.’s will feel at home using’s services.

How do I use a Private Investigator?

Private Investigators are simple to use. Simply locate a local P.I. and contact them through their contact information. You can discuss the specifics of your case with them and figure out if they will be able to help you or not. Most P.I.’s require security deposits to begin investigating, so be prepared to pay for their services up front. You will be able to negotiate with the P.I. and set up a contract before starting the investigation.

Does offer Private Investigators?

We do not. is a private company that specializes in many different investigatory services like Reverse Phone Lookups, Nationwide People Searches, and Non-published Anonymous Phone Breaking. We work closely with Private Investigators, however, we do not offer their exclusive services. If you are looking to hire a P.I., we suggest performing a Google search for local investigators that you can contact. Word of mouth is a great way to find a quality investigator, but it may be difficult to discuss your specific case with friends and family. When you perform your search for a P.I., make sure to keep your browser history private and/or erase it to eliminate any traces of your search.

Who does suggest to use for Private Investigations?

Unfortunately, does not suggest any specific Private Investigator. A simple internet search will provide many local options for anyone interested in finding a quality P.I. in your area. Make sure to call and question at least 2 separate investigators to compare prices and estimated work time. You can identify less qualified investigators by their ratings and attention to detail. A sloppy P.I. is usually sloppy throughout the entire job. has been around long enough to understand how Private Investigators work and operate. There are simple rules to follow when attempting to find a P.I. Use Google, Bing, or Yahoo to locate a Private Investigator near you. Read their reviews and ratings, then call at least 2 of them to discuss the price and time it will take for them to investigate your specific case. Some investigators will ask for half the expected amount upfront, and others will establish a contract to complete the work. It all depends on what your case needs. Before you use a P.I., make sure to consider the cost involved and the possibility of other investigatory services, found here .

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Data Retrieval for Investigations

One of the most difficult parts of any investigation is retrieving data that may be outdated, misplaced, or never recorded in the first place. It can take time and effort to track down things like phone numbers, missing persons, or an address of residence. can make the life of an investigator easier by offering accurate data retrieval services including; Reverse Cell Phone Searches, Nationwide People Searches, Prepaid and VOIP Number Breaking, and our exclusive Cell Phone Break Plus+. Each of our services are guaranteed accurate with’s no information, no charge guarantee. If you are in need of investigatory services, look no further than

What type of Data Retrieval does offer Investigators?

Any phone related user information, nationwide persons searches, and nonpublished phone breaking are services that specializes. We have worked alongside law enforcement agencies and federal agents to track down and locate information regarding suspects. Private Investigators have taken advantage of our services and have found great success locating information necessary to their investigations. There are many fields of work that data retrieval services assist including bail bondsmen, debt collector’s, business to business agreements, and any instance where trust of information can be questioned.

Does offer bulk discount for Data Retrieval?

We do offer discounts for bulk Reverse Cell Phone Lookups, Nationwide People Searches, and any of our other Investigatory services. If you are law enforcement, a federal agency, or a P.I. who deals with bulk data retrieval request needs, get in contact with our customer support staff today. We can help figure out a program suitable for your needs, even if you do not work in the preceding areas.

How much does charge for Data Retrieval?

It depends on what service you need performed. Our prices range in accordance with the type of retrieval being performed. You can rest easy knowing that all of’s services come with our no information, no charge guarantee. This means that if we do not find any information regarding your data request, we will refund the money needed to perform the search! Here is a link to all of the data retrieval searches.

Being in the business of data retrieval can lead to long tedious days where it seems like you are chasing a mouse around and around and around. The easiest way to defeat these types of days is to bypass the rat race and use a reputable, trustworthy company to handle the difficult part of your job. Let the experts at do all the work when it comes to Reverse Phone Lookups, Nationwide People Searches, and Breaking Nonpublished Anonymous Phone Numbers. Get back to the important part of your job and rest easy knowing Nonpub is on the job.

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Private Investigators vs. Reverse Phone Lookups

Private Investigators are amazing tools for investigating. They can uncover evidence of fraud, infidelity, and other personal information about people. The only issue when consulting with a Private Investigator is cost. Just recently, the state of California hired a private investigator to investigate Tom Sellek for possible water fraud. The case is ongoing, but the total cost came out to $22,000. This is not in an average person’s budget. Consider all avenues of investigation before settling on a Private Investigator. Your first stop should always be a Reverse Phone Lookup from A Reverse Phone Lookup will produce accurate and timely information that is affordable. A Reverse Phone Lookup from comes with a no information, no charge guarantee. Start your investigation at

Should I hire a Private Investigator?

It depends upon the investigation you are intending to undertake. If you plan on investigating your loved one for infidelity, then a private investigator might not be a bad option. If you are trying to track down a person who called you, then a private investigator would be a bad option. Opt for a Reverse Phone Lookup from at the start of any investigation. This will get you the information you need within an affordable price range and timeframe. And if you still need more information for your investigation, then you can move forward with a Private Investigator.

Can I do the same things Private Investigators do?

In some circumstances, yes. Private Investigators are paid to investigate and gather evidence. Depending upon the investigation, evidence gathering may be obtainable without a private investigator. In the above examples, monitoring your loved one while you’re working would be too difficult to do by yourself, but obtaining a reverse phone or cell phone lookup can be accomplished by yourself. The search is anonymous and no one is the wiser that you performed a reverse phone lookup.

Do Private Investigators use Reverse Phone Lookups?

They do. has worked with many Private Investigators over the years and understand the demand Reverse Phone Lookups have in this type of work. Not only are they necessary, but the sheer amount of phone lookups needed for private investigations are immense. This is why it is suggested to run your own if you have all the necessary information. has all the necessary services available to leave the private investigators out of the investigation.

Private Investigators are important tools in the investigatory community. They have a proven track record, and will get results. Their main drawback is their cost and the thoroughness of their investigations usually lead to longer return times. Reverse Phone Lookups from are accurate, trustworthy, and are returned in a timely manner. If you need information immediately, offers their Cell Phone Break Plus+ which can return a phone’s user information within minutes. Consider the scope of your investigation, then choose the best option for you. Both Private Investigators and Reverse Phone Lookups have their uses in the investigatory world.

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Differences in Criminal Background Check Investigations

If you have ever had to run a criminal background check on someone then you know that the information is not always as easy to find as you think. First, there are different types of criminal background checks available at the state level and national level. These are further divided into counties of residence which can further dilute the search results. What this all means is that here is no single database that has all the information you might need on someone’s background. The best way to perform a thorough background check is to hire a private investigator or specialized company for performing extensive background checks.

What is the best way to perform a criminal background check investigation?

This all depends on how thorough of a background check you are interested in doing. If you have a long term relationship with this person, or if you have a short term relationship, your search may differ. Businesses prefer to hire companies, like, that specialize in accurate criminal background checks. This allows the business to save time and money due to the amount of background checks they need to perform. Law enforcement, police, debt collectors, and other government agencies that need to perform bulk background checks can benefit from using a company to run their background checks. If you are planning to run only 1 or 2 background checks, there are options available that might be more helpful than just a background check(genealogy, paternal/maternal, etc.). It might be worth your money to get a larger picture than just a simple background check.

Are there companies that are better than others at criminal background checks?

Yes. Specialized companies, private investigators, and people within the industry are always more successful at finding accurate, thorough background checks. It will cost money, and sometimes more than others. But this is the price you have to pay to have a criminal background check ran. Companies like work with companies that offer bulk discounts for background checks.

What about these online resources that say they offer criminal background checks?

A background check can be one of the most important aspects of many high level clearance jobs. Whether it be law enforcement, police officers, or government personnel, a thorough and accurate background check has to occur for the person in question be considered. Many popup online only background check services are drive by night operations. They have no real address, and no real people to talk to when you call them. This is because they can get away with offering shotty service because of the need for background checks. Make sure to do your due diligence when choosing a company to run your third party background checks.

If the stakes are high, make sure you are getting your criminal background checks done by a company worth their weight and reputation. Not picking up on vital criminal information before taking on a hire, or investigating the past of a potential business partner could lead to severe consequences. Avoid these possible chances and get your criminal background checks done by a trustworthy company. has the ability to help. Contact them for further information.

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