Trust an Investigator or Trust a Database?

The answer to this question should be obvious, but misinformation and lies are rampant on the Internet and many will claim that a database ping/search is to be trusted over a real Investigator. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Real Investigators have, and remain to be the best way to find accurate information for any investigation. The reason is that real investigators have pliability in their reasoning that simply can not be replicated by a database. Understanding results, and then applying those results to alternate searches is what an Investigator brings to the table. This is why you should trust your investigations to a real investigator, and not a computer ran database system.

Why should I trust an Investigator over a Database?

Because an Investigator will check to verify the accuracy of the data presented. A database ping, or queue, will only return what is located within the database. It may check to see that it pulled the information from the correct spot, but it will not verify that the data is accurate. This is why an Investigator ran search is more preferable and accurate.

What are the advantages of an Investigator versus a Telephone Database?

A real person checking to make sure the results are accurate and not false is one advantage of an Investigator versus a Telephone Database. Another advantage is having a real person to speak with if the information returned is questionable. A real investigator is human and can make a mistake, but will quickly work to fix said mistake. A database ping will simply return a result. Right or wrong, that is what you are given and have to work with. If you have any questions, a telephone database will have no reply.

How do I know if I am dealing with Investigators or just a Database?

Check with the company you are doing business with in order to determine if you are dealing with an investigator, or just a database ping. If the business is dodgy in their answer, they are more than likely piggy backing off a reputable service like Reputable Investigatory service providers pride themselves on using live investigators to verify every search result. This enables a more accurate and customer friendly approach to Reverse Telephone Lookups and other Telephone Database Searches.

The reasons to trust an investigator over a database are few, but important. Making sure information is cross checked between databases, verifying the accuracy of the information, and adjusting accordingly to find the right information are all features a real investigator brings to the table that a database does not. Professionals work with other professionals across the Investigatory industry to ensure updated database information and accurate information.

100% Accuracy Guarantee on All Investigative Searches!


Real Investigator Versus Database Crawl

Database pings and database searches are great tools for finding static information that does not change, however, when it comes to dynamic information, like Telephony information, database pings and database searches fall short. It takes a real investigator to verify the results from a database ping/search are accurate. False leads and bad information is the bane of the Investigatory community, make sure to avoid any possible false leads or bad information by avoiding simple database crawl investigations. Always opt for a real investigator backed search system. Only use services that guarantee 100% accurate results and get it right the first time so your investigation can continue unhindered.

Don’t computers work better than real Investigators?

Not for accurate telephone information. Using a real investigator to verify database information is the best option for guaranteeing accurate, up to date telephone/cell phone information. Simply relying on a database search is insufficient for maintaining 100% accuracy. It is paramount that a real investigator review the database ping/search in order to verify its authenticity. Database pings and searches are infamous for returning false leads and bad information.

Why would I choose a Real Investigator over a Database Crawl?

As stated above, a real investigator verifies the information is accurate, searching multiple databases if necessary. A single database crawl will end with results directly from that database. Not having a person to verify these results may have less cost for the business, but it also leaves the customer with less trustworthy information.

Don’t Investigators just crawl a Database anyway?

In regards to Reverse Telephone Lookups, yes. But an Investigator has the ability to search multiple databases and make phone calls to verify the accuracy of the search. Algorithms and fancy search engines rely on code to produce results from the database. There is no person verifying the accuracy of this information, and if the company does not offer a guarantee, then you are stuck with whatever information they provide.

Time is one of the most important aspects of any investigation. Losing time over false leads and bad information will quickly ruin that investigation. The reason false leads and bad information persist is because of old, unupdated databases remaining in circulation and use. There is little incentive to terminate the use of these databases because people keep paying to use them. There is a simple solution, use premium professional services for your Investigative needs. Make sure they rigorously maintain their databases, have access to multiple, and have real investigators operating the controls.

100% Accuracy Guarantee on All Investigative Searches!