The Use of Private Investigators

Private Investigators are often glorified in movies as haggard, experienced gumshoes who pursue all avenues available to them to find information on their suspects. This depiction is, actually, pretty accurate. Some would say that Private Investigators are not as pretty as they are depicted in Hollywood, but we disagree. At, many of our services involve working with Private Investigators to deliver information necessary for them to accomplish their jobs. From our Cell Phone Break Plus+, to our Nationwide People Search, P.I.’s will feel at home using’s services.

How do I use a Private Investigator?

Private Investigators are simple to use. Simply locate a local P.I. and contact them through their contact information. You can discuss the specifics of your case with them and figure out if they will be able to help you or not. Most P.I.’s require security deposits to begin investigating, so be prepared to pay for their services up front. You will be able to negotiate with the P.I. and set up a contract before starting the investigation.

Does offer Private Investigators?

We do not. is a private company that specializes in many different investigatory services like Reverse Phone Lookups, Nationwide People Searches, and Non-published Anonymous Phone Breaking. We work closely with Private Investigators, however, we do not offer their exclusive services. If you are looking to hire a P.I., we suggest performing a Google search for local investigators that you can contact. Word of mouth is a great way to find a quality investigator, but it may be difficult to discuss your specific case with friends and family. When you perform your search for a P.I., make sure to keep your browser history private and/or erase it to eliminate any traces of your search.

Who does suggest to use for Private Investigations?

Unfortunately, does not suggest any specific Private Investigator. A simple internet search will provide many local options for anyone interested in finding a quality P.I. in your area. Make sure to call and question at least 2 separate investigators to compare prices and estimated work time. You can identify less qualified investigators by their ratings and attention to detail. A sloppy P.I. is usually sloppy throughout the entire job. has been around long enough to understand how Private Investigators work and operate. There are simple rules to follow when attempting to find a P.I. Use Google, Bing, or Yahoo to locate a Private Investigator near you. Read their reviews and ratings, then call at least 2 of them to discuss the price and time it will take for them to investigate your specific case. Some investigators will ask for half the expected amount upfront, and others will establish a contract to complete the work. It all depends on what your case needs. Before you use a P.I., make sure to consider the cost involved and the possibility of other investigatory services, found here .

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