Tracking IP Addresses

IP Addresses have only recently entered the vocabulary of everyday citizens due to the rise of the internet. Most people have a vague understanding as to what an IP Address is and what it does, but there are still many people unaware what an IP Address really is in terms of their computer or internet ready device. It is easiest to think of your computer, smart phone, or laptop as a box that connects to the internet through a gate. This gate is controlled by your internet service provider, and once you put your box in the gate, your ISP will give your box a number to engage the internet. This number is the IP Address for your given box (computer,laptop,smartphone, etc.). Now, things will get a little confusing depending upon how your ISP assigns IP addresses from here on out. There are two different ways an ISP will dispense IP addresses, static and dynamic IP addresses. Static addresses, like their name implies, are static because they general do not change for each given device. A dynamic IP Address will change every time your device signs onto the internet.

How does someone track an IP Address?

There are a few ways that someone can track an IP Address. There are online resources such as:

One can also hire a private investigator to use similar tools to track down an IP Address. The complexities of tracking down an IP Address do not always result in a specific real address to take any action. This is why a private investigator may be able to assist you further.

Why are IP Addresses so complex?

It is not so much that they are complex, it is that there are so many IP Addresses connecting and disconnecting to every network around the world that adds complexity. Each connection needs to be consistent in order to keep the network up and allow traffic to flow. Static and dynamic IP Addresses are not like street addresses. You can’t just pull up an IP Address and it is the same computer(or devices) every time, even dynamic IP Addresses get traded around.

When it comes to tracking down an IP Address, you can simple use the tools above to get a broad search completed. However, if you need more precise information and want to find the specific person behind an IP Address, your best bet would be to use a private investigator. knows how hard it is to track down information, and when it comes to tracking down IP Addresses, you need to take advantage of all tools available.

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