Verifying a Business State By State

The thing about dealing with an unknown business entity is that you never know if they are a legitimate business. This can be troublesome for doing long term business and can cause problems for everyone involved.

How do you verify if a business is legitimate?

Go to this website –> Business Verification. This website will give you the resources necessary to find out if a business is legitimate through their state by state link guide. This is a handy tool to have whenever dealing with businesses.

Are there resources available to check a business online?

There are a lot. If you type business search into Google, you will be overwhelmed by companies wanting to charge a monthly fee for extra services they might offer. However, has found that this site here –> Business Verification has all the resources necessary to quickly check if a business is registered within the United States.

Can I trust online resources to check if a business is legitimate?

It is difficult to trust any resource that does not directly link to a .gov address. The government of your particular state is in charge of having the information available, for free, of any business registered in the state. This means that online resources that ask you for money, or any other compensation for researching if a business is registered or not, should be scrutinized.

Finding out if a business is registered and legally operating is an essential part of long term business transactions. Brand awareness is usually what brings this instant recognition to peoples minds, however, if you have no idea the name of the company and want to find out if they are indeed a real business, go here –> Business Verification. This website will save you a lot of time and effort when it comes to properly verifying if a business is legitimate.

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